Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tan Removal At Home

Hello ladies!

Summers are here with a big bang. We all love the shiny happy bright summer days. But every good thing in this world comes with glitches. To full fill that we have got TAN, pfft. The amount of precaution we have to not get tan is ridiculous. From sunsceens, to scarves , glares  all start to become your top most priority. But somehow you still tend to get it. If you look up on the internet there are several ways to get rid of tan at home. I use the following 3 and trust me they work wonders.

Yes! Tomato is the best tan remover. Just cut a fresh tomato in pieces and rub it on your skin for 5mins. Leave it to dry. Wash it off with cold water after a few mins. Not only does it remove the tan but also gives your skin a fresh look.

2) Oats and Milk
Oats are considered to be the best exfoliating agents for the skin. Oats and milk are the best combination for tan removal. You could also try different combinations like oats +milk + honey  or  oats + cream + jojoba oil  or oats + yogurt.
Take about 2tbps oats : 1tbsp milk. Dont let the mixture be too runny or too dry. 
Apply this pack on face and leave it for 15 mins. Wash it off with cold water. 

3) Lemon and Honey
Lemon is the best natural bleach. Not only does it remove the tan but also makes the skin lighter. Plain lemon juice leaves the skin dry. That is why it has to be mixed with  honey.
Take a half sliced lemon, squeeze and add about 1tbsp honey. Mix well. Take a cotton sob and apply it. Leave it for 15 mins. Wash it with cold water.


Home remedies are no doubt the best and the safest. But there are a few things you need to bear in mind.

1) Before applying any pack, ALWAYS wash your face with cold water and tap it dry. Leave it a but moist.

2) Always check for which elements suit your skin the best.

3) While making oat packs, keep in mind to not over use oats as they can be abrasive on the skin and may leave mild rashes. Opt for powdered oats instead.

4) To remove the pack entirely and not create a huge mess, take a cloth and dip it in water and then wipe your face. Then wash your face with water and tap dry.

5) Use moisturizer after any treatment on skin. This helps in retaining the water in your skin and keep it fresh.

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